5The record recorded at the Casino

5The record recorded at the Casino

  • April 9, 2021

Biggest Slot Machine Tournament

Records recorded at Casino – Slot machines are one of the most popular games at casinos and on online slot gambling sites. Even Las Vegas itself has a slot machine to population ratio of 1 to 8. Which means there is 1 slot machine for every 8 residents.

Despite the popularity of this slot game in April 2013, Mohegan Sun Casino held the biggest slot tournament ever. With the participation of more than 5000 players, this event set 2 world records at once.

The top 200 players won a total jackput of $ 100,000. As for the main winner of this tournament won $ 50,000.

The Largest Blackjack Table In The World

Of course, a birthday or anniversary celebration should be celebrated as luxuriously as possible. In commemoration of the 21st anniversary of Viejas Casino, they decided to create the largest blackjack table in the world.

This blackjack table is 120 times as big as a regular blackjack table. The regular blackjack table only measures 18.5 square feet, while for this table it measures 2,226 square feet.

To support the game at this table, they also provide large poker cards and chips that fit this table.

Most Played Simultaneous Slot Machines

The next record is the most slot machines played simultaneously. As we said in point 3, regarding the biggest slot tournament, there were 2 records that were broken at that time. The second record is the record for this slot machine sbobet online played at the same time.

A total of more than 1,600 slot machines are played simultaneously by the participants of the tournament.

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The Largest Roulette In The World

Who doesn’t know the game of roulette? This game is indeed very synonymous with casino, to the point that it can be ascertained that in every casino there must be a roulette game table.

The roulette that we will discuss is slightly different from other roulette, because this roulette wheel has a diameter of 8.75 meters. This makes it the largest roulette in the world. The placement of the roulette wheel is unique, as it is on the roof of Casino Du Liban in Lebanon and is controlled by a machine.

Longest Time to Distribute Backjack Cards

In some casino games such as blackjack, baccarat or other games, of course, requires a dealer or dealer. This dealer or bookie is a common occupation in countries where gambling is legal.

A dealer who works as a dealer usually has 8 hours of work a day. Where generally they will be the dealer for an hour, then they will rest for a while and continue to distribute cards to players.

But a dealer named Stephen De Rafaele did something different, where he was a dealer for 51 hours 33 minutes. In which he only takes a 15 minute break every 8 hours he deals cards. This action he did on August 24 to August 27 in 2001 at the Oracle Casino, Qawra, Malta. Record recorded at the Casino



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