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Cara Main Blackjack

  • April 9, 2021

Online Casino Blackjack Betting Tips – On this occasion the betting center will share about how to play blackack live online games so that those of you who still don’t understand this online casino game can learn it.

Cara Main Blackjack

You will play against the House/Dealer/City, and aim to get the highest number of cards but must not exceed the number 21.

After placing a bet in the designated place, you will get 2 cards. With these 2 cards you have 4 choices:

  • Hit: you take an additional card.
  • Stand: does nothing
  • Double: double the amount of your bet according to the initial nominal bet, and take 1 additional card
  • Split: if you get a twin card on the initial 2 cards, you can split the card into 2 different cards by increasing the bet amount according to your initial bet.

House/Dealer/Bandar must reach a minimum of 17 to be allowed to stay or stop taking cards.

The house / dealer / dealer must take an additional daftar casino online card if the number of cards is still 16.


If the number of numbers on your card exceeds the number of numbers on the House/Dealer/City card, you are paid according to the number of your initial bet (1: 1).

If the number of numbers on your card is the same as House/Dealer/City, then a series state occurs and the bet will be returned to you.

You will lose or “Bust” if the total number of numbers on your card exceeds 21.

When the first 2 cards dealt show a Picture card (Jack, Queen, King) or 10 + Ace, it means you get BlackJack, the highest card in this game.

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If you get Blackjack you will get a 3: 2 payout of your initial total bet, unless the House / Dealer / Bandar gets Blackjack, it will be a draw condition (the bet is returned).

Additional Options

You have the option of giving up as soon as the first 2 cards are dealt, and lose 1/2 your original bet. This option is nullified if the first house / dealer / dealer card is an Ace.

When the first card is House/Dealer/Bandar Ace you can claim insurance for 1/2 of your initial bet. Insurance will be paid in 2: 1 when the House/Dealer/City gets Blackjack. If the House/Dealer/City does not get BlackJack then your Insurance bet will be lost.

When you get an Ace on the initial 2 cards, and the other 1 card is not a Picture card (Jack, Queen, King) or Number 10, you can count the Ace card as a 1 or 11. Ace + 5 = 6 or 16. This is called Soft Total. .


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