• July 16, 2021

Welcome to HOKIJUDI99, we are the pioneers of the most popular real money online poker gambling site, of course including the best service and trusted poker agent IDN POKER With the official license of BMMtestlabs including Pagcor which in fact has become the best and right choice for playing online poker, online ceme dealers, dominoqq, capsa and many others from card gambling games. It is clear and certain that we are always ready to serve all online poker gambling lovers in Indonesia. It can be seen by the evidence that the pure game that we provide is without cheating, namely player vs player and not the use of robots. And also we always give the main focus on the convenience, the comfort of the members which is not only support from the best servers, but HOKIJUDI99 you can also play on a smartphone using Android or iOS using a capital of 10 thousand rupiah, you can join playing and earn millions to hundreds million rupiah.


In order to be able to join HOKIJUDI99 which is the official idn poker site and has the best reputation, it is also clear that there are thousands of active members a day, it is very easy to register an account for new members and the best thing is that it is free without any fees Then how to register to get an real money online poker? It’s easy, you just need to click and fill in the complete registration form available, but if you have trouble, just contact customer service who is on standby 24 hours on all available social media services, namely the livechat, whatsapp, telegram, line and other social media features. Don’t worry about your identity data that is given for the requirements to get an idn poker account. With regard to security systems as well as the latest and greatest technology to guarantee member data security, so don’t worry about the privacy of your data because it is guaranteed to be 100% safe and will not spread widely because it uses a sophisticated server that is guaranteed that your data will not leak or fall to unwanted parties. Of course, also with the use of the best sophisticated servers, you as a member can play calmly and comfortably and not worry because the security system on HOKIJUDI99 is very good.

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The main focus of idn poker HOKIJUDI99 is so that members get a comfortable satisfying playing experience also by prioritizing the best service and convenience provided always. Examples are such as the availability of a wide selection of online card gambling games that you can choose to play as follows:

Online Poker

The main and most popular first game is also widely chosen to play by members, namely POKER ONLINE how to play texas poker, namely each player with a minimum number of 2 players, a maximum of 9 players where each player gets 2 cards and then combines them with 5 cards. in the middle of the game table. For the player who gets the highest card combination, it is certain to be the winner of online poker gambling. The highest level of card combination is a combination of cards called a royal flush and the lowest level of card combinations, namely the value of the high card is the highest value of the cards owned.


The next game is DOMINOQQ and how to play it is to have a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 9 people. Then each player will get 3 cards then when the 4th card is received by the player, the player chooses to continue playing with a high bet nominal or choose to lose by closing the card. The highest card value from the domino game is qiuqiu or the value of the number 9.

Ceme Online

The way to play is almost similar to the dominoqq type, the difference between the ceme game is that players with high capital have the opportunity to become a ceme dealer. For the number of cards used to play, only 2 gaple cards are different in the type of dominoqq game, namely using 4 cards.


Mobile Ceme

The way to play the mobile ceme game is very similar to the online ceme game, the difference is that this type of mobile ceme game gives each player the opportunity to become a ceme dealer which does not have to have a large capital then the dealer will change to the next player clockwise.

Capsa Susun

The way the capsa stacking game uses playing cards and the combination value of the card ranks is the same as the type of texas poker game but the way to play capsa and poker is clearly different. The start of the capsa stacking game is that each player will get 13 cards and then rearrange them into 3 levels where at the top first arrange 3 cards then on the second and third levels players arrange 5 cards to determine the highest card combination. The winner of this game is that each player will compete with a combination of cards owned from the first level to the third level.


How to play this super10 can be said to be very easy which is not very different from the type of samgong game. The super10 game uses playing cards in which the winner has the highest card value with a value of 10. For players who can get 3 king cards, it is clear that this player has the highest number value of this game.


The way to play the Omaha game is completely similar to the type of Texas holdem poker game but the difference is that each player will get 4 cards in the first round. Then the player will have the option to choose the best 2 cards before it’s time for the dealer to open the first 3 cards on the betting table. For the value of the ranking of the Omaha game cards, it is the same as the type of texas holdem poker online game.

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For those of you who like to play casino and online gambling, you are definitely familiar with the blackjack card game, which is an interesting game with a value of 21. The way to play blackjack is that each player only collects cards until they get the highest card value, which is 21 but if the player gets the card value more than the number 21 then the winner of this blackjack gambling game is the dealer. If the player is lucky to get an ace and a card with a value of 10, then the player is declared to get a blackjack value and also the greater the profit that the player will get from that value.


Superbull is the newest type of game from the idn play poker server which is good for you to try. Luck is one of the factors that determine players can win from this game. Players are required to be able to have fast hand movements and shrewd eyes and if you can win by playing Superbull then it is clear that you will get a big profit value too.

This game selection is very complete from the IDN PLAY server , which is definitely not possible for you to feel bored or bored playing at all. Why? because you can choose to change games and most importantly, you can play using only 1 user id account, making it easy and no need to change account id when you want to choose another type of game. And for those of you who want to try to start playing, don’t hesitate or worry because we will provide a complete and clear guide to make it easier for you to play.


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