How Does the No Deposit Bonus Work

  • July 20, 2021

DEPOBOS In the world of online gambling, there is almost nothing more exciting than getting free money to play without risk. That is the essence of the no deposit bonus. Online casinos usually provide gamblers with the opportunity to earn free money as part of their marketing efforts to expand their network of users.

Like all casino bonuses and promotions, the no deposit bonus also has certain terms and conditions so that the gambler cannot take the money and run away. However, even with all the terms and conditions, this bonus is one of the best offers if you want to gamble risk-free. Recently, there have been several casinos catering to Indonesian gamblers that offer this type of bonus, although the golden era of no deposit bonuses has passed.

Gamblers often feel confused about no deposit bonuses, as they think this might be a trap designed by online casinos to take your money. In reality, this bonus does sound like it. The no deposit bonus can be claimed without requiring a deposit from the gambler and there is no financial obligation on your side.

While this may sound too good to believe, these bonuses are part of the casino’s marketing strategy. When judged from this point of view, this bonus isn’t too improbable at all. Real casinos often give you free vouchers to play on your first visit, and the Daftar Agen Bola is similar to a no deposit bonus.

Claiming No Deposit Bonus

There are different rules related to no deposit bonuses at each online casino. But usually, the process is quite easy and simple. Often, you just need to create an account and confirm your email address to get the bonus funds to the balance in your account.

Some casinos have stricter regulations with their no deposit offers, and may require you to provide a valid phone number, for example. If you don’t like giving out your personal information, that’s fine, but the casino has the right to require additional verification when giving away free money.

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Sometimes, you may need a special no deposit bonus code, which will be used in the registration process or given to the customer service team. This doesn’t happen very often but as long as you have a valid code you shouldn’t worry.

In the end, you will get additional funds that you can use to try out a casino and play some games. However, unlike playing with play money, no deposit bonuses will also give you the chance to win real money if you are lucky.

No Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions You Need to Know

When you receive a no deposit bonus, this is the money the casino gives you to play. They don’t give away free money just to make you happy. They want you to spend their money on a slot machine or gambling table and see if you like what they have to offer.

Therefore, the no deposit bonus also has terms and conditions that you should pay attention to. If you get a no deposit of €10, for example, you can’t just cash it out and leave, as that would be a very reckless move on the part of the gambling operator.

Some of the most important things you should know about no deposit bonuses are:

Betting terms
Maximum withdrawal limit
Withdrawal requirements
Betting Terms

If you know very little about casino bonuses, you may be familiar with the term wagering requirements. That is the amount of money you have to bet before the bonus money can be added to your real money balance and can be withdrawn. With a deposit bonus, the wagering requirement is usually around 30x – 40x.

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However, with no deposit casino bonuses, the wagering requirements are usually much higher, between 50x and 100x. While these requirements may seem high (and they are), casinos usually do this to limit their losses. By setting higher wagering requirements on their no deposit offers, they make it even more difficult for gamblers to reach withdrawal limits.

For example, it is not at all uncommon for gamblers to meet the €1,000 wagering requirement to claim a €10 no deposit bonus. This takes time and luck but you have to keep in mind that, apart from your time, you have nothing to lose.

No Deposit Bonus and Maximum Withdrawal Limit

Another way casinos avoid losses with this no deposit bonus is by setting a maximum withdrawal limit. It’s not uncommon to hear of someone taking a €10 or €20 bonus and turning it into a thousand dollar win – especially when they are playing with free money and don’t care about losing.

Unfortunately, in most online casinos, the maximum winning amount you can get with the bonus funds will be limited to around €100. So even if you are very lucky and continue to win the game, when everything is done, you will only be allowed to withdraw €100.

For some gamblers, this can be very disappointing. However, keep in mind that this usually applies to all no-deposit bonuses, with no exceptions. So don’t expect to earn thousands of dollars playing with casino money as this is highly unlikely. After all, earning around €100 for playing for a few hours without risk is not a bad thing.

Pay Attention to Withdrawal Requirements

In most online casinos that cater to Indonesian gamblers, you will be allowed to withdraw your winnings from your no deposit bonus once you meet the wagering requirements and confirm your identity. This is a natural process. If the casino offers something for free and you are lucky enough to win, you should be allowed to take your prize.


However, some casinos are a bit smarter and they require you to make a deposit first before making a withdrawal. In some cases, this is simply done so that you connect your payment method and make the process easier. However, in other cases, you may be awarded a deposit bonus and have to play further before you can take your winnings.

Like anything else related to online gambling, gamblers should always be careful and only play at online casinos that are trusted and have a good reputation. These operators will not deceive you in any way and will provide you with reasonable rights, including your no deposit bonus winnings.

What Are the Advantages for the Casino?

When looking at a no deposit bonus, you may wonder what the advantages are for the casino. Even with the terms and conditions, often the lucky gambler can win something for nothing and withdraw the money. So, why do casinos give away this free money?

There are two main ideas behind this type of bonus. First, it is a good marketing strategy because people are more likely to spread the word about casinos giving away free money. As already mentioned, nothing attracts gamblers more than free money and the possibility to win something without spending a dime.

Second, once you Register Casino Get Bonus, you will give them a way to contact you and you will become their customer. Even if you are not interested in depositing money now, they will try to entice you with various deposit bonus offers and other promotions. In the end, this is the forte of casinos and they know some gamblers who take advantage of their no deposit bonuses will come back again to play for real money.


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