• July 22, 2021

Who does not know the publisher IDN PLAY as the pioneer of the most popular card game in Indonesia. We know that since the 2010 card games began to boom played by players through Zynga Poker, at that time IDN Play as a virtual gaming site saw an opportunity and took advantage of the opportunity to start the first online poker game using real money.

Initially the game was almost exactly the same as what we often find on Facebook, but along with the development of the latest features such as jackpot prizes also appeared and added to the excitement in the game. Many bookies or agents are trying to get involved in enlivening the world of card-based gambling, for example NEXIABET. Since its inception in 2016 the IDN PLAY poker gambling site, the POKERMELAYU agent, has won the hearts of Indonesian gamblers so that it has been chosen as one of the best IDN poker sites.

Interestingly, all online poker gems contained in MELAYUPOKER can be filled using a Telkomsel credit deposit with no administrative fees deducted. The server is always available online 24 hours a day non-stop so that it really supports exciting games without losing the opportunity to compete against other players.

In addition to playing IDN online poker on the MELAYU POKER online gambling agent site, it also provides a variety of collections of card games such as Bandar Ceme, domino QQ, capsa stacking and others, of course the credit deposit feature without deductions applies to all IDN PLAY CARD GAME games, no exception and can be played only only use 1 ID.

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So far, we know that card games are very effective in getting rid of boredom, especially during this pandemic we can’t do activities outside the house as often as possible. So NEXIABETwants to help you take advantage of your free time to make money from playing IDN PLAY online poker gambling.

Don’t worry because NEXIABET is registered as a trusted IDN PLAY poker gambling agent since 2017, and there have been almost thousands of players who have joined and played this poker game made by IDNPLAY. Check out the list of real money gambling card games for credit deposits without deductions below:


Card games that use this online poker system are very popular, especially MELAYU POKER agents also provide deposit facilities using credit, to make it easier for our members we will not charge any fees or no deductions. If you start a pulse deposit poker, it’s a good idea to look for a trusted IDN Play site so that your winnings can be disbursed without any obstacles, for example NEXIABET.

Many people think that every poker site is the same, so this is a mistake that new players often make. Remember in the world of online gambling, especially playing gem poker, you must find a very trusted agent to get the best and exciting experience.


The online ceme game is based on a very popular and easy to understand game, in each round there is one player who gets a share to become a ceme dealer. When you get a chance to win big when you become an online ceme dealer, of course there are requirements that must be obeyed, namely the amount of capital on the table. So, for this reason, don’t waste the golden opportunity to win big, you can easily increase the amount of capital by making a credit deposit without any deductions when playing online ceme dealers.

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There are several variants of ceme games that are very popular on the NEXIABET IDN PLAY site, namely mobile ceme, ceme dealer and online ceme. Choose the game that best suits your talents to make it easier to win jackpot prizes or wins from other players.


This game that can be played by a maximum of 4 people is one of the mainstay games of NEXIABET because it has a very high winrate. So it’s easy to win and lots of jackpot prizes, but the real money capsa stacking game requires high skill and concentration in the game. So if you are a beginner in this card strategy game, we recommend that you learn to count cards first so you don’t reach the time limit. Don’t forget to activate the jackpot feature because at any time you can get a good card and big prizes are waiting to be taken. Oh yes, this capsa stacking card game can also use credit for deposits.


As the name implies, DOMINO QQ PULSA is a game that uses 4 cards where each player will look for the number 9 or cue, also known as Q in the domino qq pulse game system. This betting complaint system is similar to online poker rules where one player will make a call and be followed by other players in sequence. Remember not to get hot in playing, you must be calm following the game, if you have run out of capital, make a deposit via credit, we guarantee that there will be no administrative discount.

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