• July 15, 2021

Welcome to the IDN Poker Online List MARKASJUDI which is a trusted Indonesian online poker site since 2010. For those of you who are experienced in playing poker, IDN Poker can be a place to earn money for you. Why? Because playing online poker gambling at idn poker uses real money. IDN Poker became the first pioneer of poker gambling games that can be played online.

With the large number of active players reaching tens of millions of people every month, dominobet online is the most trusted & best online poker gambling site in Indonesia today. In addition, there are many enthusiasts to play at idn poker online because it is an online poker gambling site without bots. IDN Poker really upholds fair play for the convenience and satisfaction of players in playing online poker gambling.

IDN Poker Online Registration Site at MARKASJUDI

Everyone who wants to play IDN Poker Online is highly recommended to have an account first. There are several new ways to register online poker idn on Indonesian poker sites, let’s look at some ways to register. The first way is that you can register using the registration form that has been provided. Make sure you fill out the registration form using the correct data to avoid various problems that will occur if you withdraw funds or forget your password.

The second way is that you can register via our livechat. Then you can have a conversation through our customer service who will be assisted in the account creation process.

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The third way is that you can register using our social media such as: Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Wechat, and line which certainly will not have any difficulties in registering.

List of 10 Trusted Online Poker Site Games IDNPLAY
After registering, it’s a good idea to know a little about all the games you can play on IDNPLAY. The Pokeridn site is the only online poker site that provides the 10 most complete card games. The following are the types of games available on the Pokeridn site:

Poker online
Bandar Ceme
Ceme Keliling
Super bull
QQ spirit
Susun box

All types of IDNPlay games that we have mentioned above, you can play using only 1 ID. Let’s discuss a little in detail to know more about the most complete IDN Poker game.


In one poker room you can play 9 players, from each player only 2 cards will be dealt. The two cards that are dealt will be combined with the cards on the table.


DominoQQ game which is played using gaple cards. Each player will be dealt 4 cards and become only 2 parts. The two halves will later be added up with the highest card


This ceme city game is almost the same as the dominoqq game where the dominoqq player uses 4 cards


The Ceme perimeter game is very similar to the ceme city game but what makes it different is the perimeter ceme game


This omaha game has the same resemblance to the poker game but in this game it is very distinguishable from the distribution of cards, in the omaha game the players will get the first 4 cards.

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Superbull is a game recently launched by idnplay and this game is also quite popular even though it has just been introduced


For those of you gambling lovers, you must be very familiar with the name of the blackjack game which is very identical to number 21. The way to play blackjack is quite easy because you only need to collect the highest card value of 21 and if the player gets it it will be above 21.


The Capsa Susun game is a game that uses playing cards and the level of cards used is the same as the poker game but the way to play is different.


This super10 game is almost similar to the samgong game, in the samgong game the highest card is 30, but in the super10 game the highest card arrangement is 10

The Advantages of Playing on the IDN Poker Indonesia Site
Previously, you could only play poker through offline casinos. After the Indonesian government passed a law for the prohibition of gambling activities which had to make all offline casinos in Indonesia closed forever. As a result of the ban, poker players have a very difficult time finding and playing poker. Along with the rapid development of technology, everything is online.


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