Playing Casino Blackjack Gambling

Playing Casino Blackjack Gambling

  • April 9, 2021

Playing Casino Blackjack Gambling – These are two mighty women who are adept at playing casino Blackjack gambling, until their names go down in history as 21 professional players. A mighty woman who was able to conquer the blackjack casino gambling game and her name was recorded in this special game hall of fame as follows:

Eleanore Dumont

Dumont is known worldwide as the first professional Blackjack gambler. He was born in France and also grew up in the country with a refined and polite style of speech. Then in 1854 he arrived in the Nevada City area in California which is known as the best gold mining city. And it turns out that there he actually opened a Blackjack casino house. The one called vingt-et-un which is the name Blackjack in French territory. Despite opening a casino there and she is a woman, she has very clear rules for those who come there. Whereas during the game, the bettor must not speak foul language and also get into fights.

With the beauty and charm of this woman known as Madame Dumont. He could even beat those who were rude in his own way. Madame Dumont herself will distribute the 21 cards and she will also win the game. However, whether he won or lost, he was always able to be friendly and professional and even didn’t hesitate to pour champagne on the visitors. Even the miners there revealed that they were better and happier to lose to Madame Dumont than they had to lose to other agen sbobet casino terpercaya players. When gold grew, he also moved his casinos to several states.

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Cathy Hulbert

This woman who is often called as Cat comes from the New York area and was born to gamble and even likes this game. Even back when he was still attending college, Car often skipped class just to play card gambling. At the age of 24 in 1976, he decided to move to Las Vegas with the aim of becoming a professional poker player in the first place. But the first job he got was becoming a dealer for the Blackjack game and right after that his life took a turn. While he is dealing with game 21, he meets a professional bettor in Blackjack named Peter. Cat always wondered why he could win on the high stakes and only lose when the stakes were low.



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