• July 18, 2021

Super10 or samgong 88 is a simple game inspired by the game Samgong or Three Pictures. The difference is that we play Super10 together with other players, while the Samgong game, Players play with the Dealer.

At the beginning of the game Samgong 88, each player will get 2 (two) cards and 1 (one) additional card, so that each player will have 3 (three) cards. Each player will Ante before the first 2 cards are dealt.

The samgong 88 betting round will then start with the last winner, where each player has the option to check, raise/bet or fold. After the first round of betting, a third card will be exposed and another round of betting immediately follows.

The Purpose of Playing Samgong

There are several goals for players in playing Samgong 88 gambling, which is to only want intermezo or to get bonus income. Whatever the goal of the player, the player should act disciplined towards the goal he wants to pursue. If players want to get FASTBET99, playing casually is better. On the other hand, if players want to win, it’s better for players to focus and be serious about playing. Harder efforts are aimed at players who want to get intermezo in playing while looking for bonus income, there is nothing wrong and all can indeed be tried at the same time as long as you can manage yourself, playing is not only money and emotional capital but also must have the skills to realize all dreams

For some players who are new to the samgong agent card, there is no need to be afraid, we will provide a little guide on how to play samgong and how to play the Samgong card for newcomers. In the Samgong card game, which is played with playing cards, each card has a different card value. Is:

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Cards 1 to 9 have the same value as the number on the card.

Aces cost 1 and 10 cards cost 10.

Cards K, Q and J all cost 10 each.

The biggest value in the Samgong card game is 30.

In the early game, all players will be given only 3 playing cards. then you only calculate the number of 3 samgong cards by adding up each card you have. If the number of your samgong cards is at a base value of 25, then you can distribute your cards up to a value of 25. The number of accumulated cards in the samgong card game is only Cara Daftar Judi Bola by distributing 2 cards. Because of the conditions for the samgong card game, players will only find a maximum of 5 cards.

In the samgong card game on the online samgong web in Indonesia, JAKARTAPOKER has a dealer. Which means the game favors the dealer 60% and 40% for some players. How not, you will win the samgong card game if:

The bookie’s value continues to be greater than the value of 30.

The value of your samgong card continues to be higher than the dealer. If the value is equal to or below the value obtained by the Samgong dealer, then you will be declared defeated.

Royal Samgong Super10 Combination Bonus

KKK, QQQ, JJJ Bonus! Win 500,000 Chips!

Have a match (end card in hand/against another player) with one of the following three combinations:
1.K,K,K – any 3 king cards
2.Q,Q,Q – any 3 queen cards
3.J,J ,J – any 3 prince cards


The winning card combination must be able to compete with other players’ cards to be eligible to win the bonus.

Hand Ranking

Here is the order of the cards from highest to highest:

1. Three Picture
Consists of King, Queen or Jack cards with free flower symbols (hearts, diamonds, diamonds, kriting).

Examples of combinations: Jack of spades, Queen of diamonds, King of hearts

2. Super Ten
Combination of 3 cards with a total amount of 10

Examples of combinations: Ace of spades, Ace of diamonds, 8 of diamonds

3. Value Ten
Combination of 3 cards with a total of 20 and 30 cards with a QJK card having a value of 10.

Example of a combination: 10 curls, 7 diamonds, 3 diamonds

4. Value 9
Combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 9

Example combinations: King of hearts, 8 crickets, Ace of spades

5. Value 8
Combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 8

Example combinations: 9 crickets, 8 spades, ace cricket

6. Value 7
Combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 7

7. Value 6
Combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 6

Example of a combination: King of hearts, 10 points, 6 points

8. Value 5
Combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 5

Examples of combinations: Ace of spades, Ace of cricket, 3 of cricket

9. Value 4
Combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 4

Example combination: 10 hearts, 10 spades, 4 diamonds

10. Value 3
Combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 3

Example combinations: 10 hearts, Jack hearts, 3 diamonds

11. Value 2
Combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 2

Example combinations: 4 diamonds, 4 curls, 4 spades


12. Value 1
Combination of 3 cards with a total number of cards is 1

Example of a combination: 10 crises, 9 crises, 2 diamonds

If the total number of cards consists of 2 digits, the last digit will be taken as the value. and for the JQK card it will have a value of 10 at the time of summation.

If there are 2 or more players who have the same value (the highest value in the round) then the winner will be determined by the player who has the highest card (K – A) and if the highest card is also the same then the winner will be determined the flower from the highest card these (1.Shovel, 2.Hearts, 3.Curls and 4.Diamonds)


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