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  • July 17, 2021

Maybe from the name of the Card Gambling game itself, you can already get an idea of ​​how to play in this bet. This type of bet is often referred to as gambling samgong is a game that uses playing cards for games. Each member will be dealt 3 cards and the player who gets a total value of 10 (super 10) will be the winner. If the value of the card is higher than 10 then only the back value will be taken.

For example, if you have 7, 5 and 6 cards, the largest number of poker agent cards will be 18 and it will be counted as a value of 8. For the highest card arrangement in the agen super10 game itself, there are 3 king cards, namely Jack, Queen and KING.

Omaha, a Unique Game with a New Nuance

Omaha is a type of online gambling that is almost the same as poker gambling games, but what makes the most difference here is that poker only gives 2 cards to players, then in this online omaha idn gambling, each player will get 4 cards each.

Blackjack, Play James Bond 007 Game Right Now!
Blackjack is an online gambling that is very well known because every time you go abroad you can find this game. Blackjack is a gambling site using playing cards where each member has to fight the dealer and the one with the highest number reaching 21 or having AS and 10/J/Q/K will immediately win.

In the trusted online blackjack gambling agent RFBET99, members must be more careful in asking for additional cards because if the total value of the cards they have has a number more than 21 then the player will be declared an immediate loser even though the biggest poker dealer has not opened the card.

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The dealer himself has a rule that he must add a card if the total value of the card he has is lower than 17 then he must draw an additional card.

Superbull, Pump Your Adrenaline and Win the Prize

Superbull is one of the newest types of online gambling Daftar Agen Judi Bola by IDN PLAY which is very exciting and provokes adrenaline from players. In superbull idn play gambling, each player will be dealt 5 cards with the distribution of 3 cards on the left and 2 cards on the right. For the 3 cards on the left must add up to a value of 10 or a multiple of 10 and the 2 cards on the side have a high total value.

The arrangement of the highest trusted poker gambling cards is called BULL BULL where 3 cards on the left and 2 cards on the right each have a total number of 10.

QQ Spirit, the same online gambling as Ceme & Gaple

QQ Spirit is the latest bookie from IDN PLAY which will certainly provide the latest nuances for fans of online gambling with a 10 thousand deposit in Indonesia. This game uses domino gaple as a playing tool. This type of best poker agent gambling has a playing system that is almost the same as ceme where the highest number of card values ​​is 9 but what makes the difference is that players can get up to 3 cards.

Each player will get 2 cards first and have the option to open 1 card for other players to see. If the player opens the card, then the player can get a third card and what will be calculated later is the total value of the three cards.


If the player chooses not to open a card then the only value counted is the 2 cards dealt. If the sum of the values ​​of the second card is 9 then the third card will not be given at all. The system of rules is the same as gambling ceme ya boss.

RFBET99 Indonesia’s Largest 24 Hours Online Gambling Site

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There are many advantages that can be obtained by those of you who choose the best RFBET99 as a partner for playing gambling bets and some of them we will explain below:

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