The Best Trusted Online Slot List Site for Indonesian Real Money

  • July 25, 2021

SOLAIRE99 is a site that lists the best online slots in Indonesia today and is also the most complete provider of online gambling games using the original rupiah currency. As an online gambling provider with the most complete games, of course, it provides hundreds of types of games that can be accessed easily via a smartphone or computer. In addition to online slot games, there are also games such as soccer gambling, live casino, online poker, lottery, and many more. You can enjoy all the games using only 1 user id.

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SOLAIRE99 as a trusted online gambling site in Indonesia will always guarantee the data security of every registered member, every privacy, member data will not leak database because every data that has been inputted is already stored in an encryption system with sophisticated technology. Supported by a modern and responsive site display, it makes the members’ playing experience even more comfortable playing online betting, especially online slots. As a trusted online slot site, we are always ready to pay for any winnings achieved by members, so there is no need to hesitate to register for SOLAIRE99 online slots.

List of the Best Online Slot Gambling Games at SOLAIRE99

SOLAIRE99 as an online slot site that is officially licensed and partners with NexusEngine provides a list of the best online slot games and game slot online terbaik a high win rate which is certainly worth and fun to play. Here’s a list of the best online slot games:

Pragmatic Play Online Slot

Pragmatic Play is one of the online slot providers that is officially certified and has a wide variety of games that can be accessed via smartphones or computers. This provider has been known as the most frequent winner of several awards over the last years and until now still continues to develop online slot games to make it look more attractive and also develop new innovations.


Playtech Online Slot is one of the online slot providers that has the most fans in Europe and Asia which is officially licensed and based in the Isle of Man. Is an online gambling entertainment game in the world that is very safe and has the largest progressive jackpot. And of course there are many variants of the type of game in it.

SpadeGaming Online Slot

SpadeGaming is a provider that has been established since 2007 and its center is in Malaysia, this Asian-themed slot game has an attractive appearance and is very friendly to users who are new to playing online slots. What’s more SpadeGaming Slots offers a high RTP combination of around 96% – 97%.
FlowGaming Online Slot
FlowGaming, a provider that is arguably the newest, was released in 2017 by Distributed Casino Technology. Although its existence is still considered new, the quality of the game is arguably the best and has more than 300 types of slot games that have been launched by this developer.

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RTG Online Slot or Real Time Gaming slot, maybe this name is already familiar to experienced gamblers. RTG is a leading provider of slot game gambling. His track record and experience in the field of online gambling is unquestionable by providing hundreds of the best and quality slot games. There are 180 types of games that are popular on RTG and can be played with small capital.

Joker123 Online Slot

Joker123 is an online slot gambling game that is currently busy to play, in addition to having a high percentage of wins, Joker123 can be played with small capital and has a very large jackpot amount. Not only for slot games, this developer also has other games, some of which are shooting fish and live casino.

MicroGaming Online Slots

MicroGaming was founded in 1994 and has been known as a pioneer in the field of online gambling, therefore if microgaming slots have millions of players playing in them. As the largest producer of microgaming, they have many interesting game variants to play including baccarat and blackjack, with their main priority being online slots. With a graphic display that cannot be underestimated, of course this is very spoil the eyes of the players.

Habanero Online Slot

Habanero also has a very good reputation among online slot games because apart from having an interesting selection of games, this provider also has good game graphics, coupled with perfect audio quality. There are already more than 100 types of games that have been developed. Not only that, every type of Habanero game has a very high progressive jackpot.
Register on the Trusted Online Gambling Site SOLAIRE99.

To register with SOLAIRE99 is very easy and does not take a long time, because you are only asked to fill in the registration form that has been provided. In addition, to play online gambling bets here is very easy and efficient, because we have a 1 user id system for all games, with the enactment of this system it can make it easier for members who play not only 1 game because there is no need to transfer balances from games to other games. Not only as a provider of online slot games, SOLAIRE99 also provides several games such as:

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Soccer Gambling Soccer is a sport that is very popular throughout the ages, where players make bets against their favorite team and country. Moreover, with the European Cup in 2021, it is certain that many want to place bets online. To facilitate this, SOLAIRE99 as a trusted soccer gambling agent provides the best types of sportsbook products such as Sbobet, Saba, Virtual Sports, I-Sports with the most complete market.

In the past, Live Casino

Live Casino gambling was only available at casinos such as Las Vegas, Macau, Lisbon, Genting, and many more. However, in this digital era, playing Live Casino at home is very possible. SOLAIRE99 as a trusted online casino agent has officially had online live casino partners such as Sbobet Casino, Ion Casino, Sexy Baccarat, Asia Gaming and Allbet.

Online Poker Gambling

SOLAIRE99 as an online poker agent in Indonesia also provides various types of anti-BOT poker products such as Idn Poker, 9Gaming, and Balak Play. Of course, the names of these products are familiar to online card gambling lovers who have types of games such as capsa stacking, online poker, poker 6, texas poker, blackjack poker, super 10, online ceme, mobile ceme, omaha, gaple online, domino qq. , and online dominoes.

Arcade Game Gambling

Want to find a center for arcade games with the most complete games? this is the place. Arcade games or commonly known as dingdong games are very much in demand from some circles, because to play them is very easy and simple. SOLAIRE99 as a trusted online bookie in Indonesia has collaborated with arcade game developers such as Fishing World, Gioco Plus, Joker Fishing, Pragmatic Fishing, MM Tangkas, Capit Duit, Coin Pusher, Claw Machine, and many more.

Online Togel Gambling

Not only the games mentioned above, as the best online gambling agent in Indonesia, SOLAIRE99 also as an online lottery dealer accepts all types of lottery bets. For the providers we provide, such as ISIN4D, which has the most complete market and always updated lottery output.

The Most Complete Online Gambling Site With The Highest Winrate
How to get income, especially from online gambling, you are required to find an online gambling site that has a high percentage of winrate when betting online gambling. Because actually the winrate system has been around for a long time. Even so, along with the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, the winrate can be determined by online bookies, if a quality and reputable online gambling site will implement a fair play way of playing without any settings.

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Like SOLAIRE99 which implements a 92% winrate system, which means the dealer only takes advantage of the 5% commission from all players who play, of course this almost 100% win rate will make the players feel more comfortable playing and have a very big chance to win.

By playing on online gambling sites that have the highest winrates, of course, support with various kinds of payments, ranging from credit payments, e-wallet, and bank transfers. Where all games have a minimum deposit of 5 thousand rupiah.

Some of the Advantages and Pros of Playing on Trusted Online Gambling Sites
There are various advantages of playing at SOLAIRE99 as a trusted online gambling site where we always prioritize member satisfaction by providing all facilities that make it easy both in the game and in the transaction process. Where we provide several alternative options in the process of depositing and withdrawing using, credit payments, e-wallet, and bank transfers. With the fastest deposit or withdrawal process in under 3 minutes, not only that, we also have several advantages such as:

Betting With Small Capital

Making bets does not have to use large capital, by betting with SOLAIRE99 you can be satisfied playing online gambling with small capital where you can reap huge profits. As an official online gambling agent, we open a minimum deposit of only 5 thousand rupiah with a minimum bet of only 100 silver.

Having the Biggest Jackpot Bonus Having

a large jackpot bonus on an online slot site is something that members desire. We really understand this, because of that we provide progressive jackpots that will always increase at any time to reach hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Positive Anti Internet Sites

Playing on sites that are difficult to access is very annoying, because you have to use a assistive application such as a VPN, by joining SOLAIRE99 it will no longer be found in your online gambling experience, because we have used the most advanced system to be able to automatically direct members to our site.

24 Hour Customer Service

The next advantage is that we provide friendly and professional customer service, where every SOLAIRE99 customer service will be ready to serve 24 hours non-stop. All kinds of obstacles that you encounter we are ready to help and serve in all matters.


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