The Story and How to Play Baccarat

The Story and How to Play Baccarat

  • April 18, 2021

Baccarat is the premier classic casino game. Its history goes back several centuries. The rules of the game of Baccarat date back to the Italian Middle Ages. Its name comes from the Italian word for zero, because face cards and tens cards count as zero points.

Baccarat card game then spread to France. There it became popular under the name Chemin de Fer (French = “train”). The name is suitable for a variant of the game. It plays faster than the Italian version. Since then, Baccarat has spread throughout the world – to most of the trusted online gambling online casinos.

Baccarat is popular with players daftar casino sa gaming in many countries. On the one hand, this is the basis of a long tradition. But the relationship with one of the most popular characters in film history – James Bond – also contributes a lot to the degree of chronology.

Casino Royale

The full version of Casino Royale, published in 1953, includes a guide to Baccarat to help readers better understand the plot that revolves around the play between James Bond and Le Chiffre. Baccarat was 007’s favorite secret agent game and was featured in many films and books until it was replaced by Texas Hold’em when it was revised in 2006.

Big Winner

In 2015, the biggest single win in Baccarat, at the World Baccarat Series in Macau, was Lin Haisan’s record jackpot of $ 12.9 million. The previous biggest win was $ 12 million at Crown Casino in Melbourne in the 1990s. It was one of the winning streaks of (anonymous) high-stakes gamblers who topped $ 55 million over the course of several months.

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How to Play Baccarat

The short rules of playing Baccarat may seem like a complicated undertaking. It looks all the high stakes as well as the associated luxury charm. They can all cause inexperienced players to feel frozen. Can’t think straight! In fact, quite the opposite!

Baccarat rules are very easy to learn and play. The rule does not require any expertise or experience. Its purpose is to decide whether you want to place a bet on the player or the banker bet. Remember that they do not represent the house or the players. It’s just options like head or tail.

Approaching Nine

The hand that wins is the one that is closer to nine. The card value is zero for all face cards (Jack, Queen and King) and cards worth 10. Ace cards count as one point and other cards (2 to 8) count according to their face value. Since nine is the highest score, any hand greater than nine must be subtracted 10. So hands 5 and 8 will count as 3, resulting in 13 minus 10. A total of eight or nine is called a natural. A natural nine (or eight if there isn’t nine) automatically wins.

In a traditional casino, different versions can be played with different numbers of tables and players, according to different Baccarat rules, who can cut and deal the cards. The regular table has room for 12 to 14 players and three dealers, while the mini version is played at a table for six players and one dealer.



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