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  • July 17, 2021

STARBET99 is the best and recommended online poker website in Indonesia. This site has been operating since 2016 and is the site with the most choices among STARBET99.

With real money as the transaction, this website is very, very safe to try. Because at times like this it is very difficult to get a site to play safely and precisely which is very much needed by many players in one table to make it easier for STARBET99 to read the situation at the table when playing. In addition, you also need one of the players at the table to occupy the dealer’s position so that the game can start immediately. Because if no one is willing to become a dealer then no one will start distributing cards so that will result in the game unable to start.

In addition, this site also provides various ways to transact considering that there are currently a lot of e-wallets that have developed in Indonesia, but those who use local banks can definitely play with this site. Examples of local banks used on this site: BCA, BNI, BRI, Mandiri, CIMB Niaga, Panin, Maybank, Danamon. This site deliberately provides almost all local banks so that it is easier for members to transact. In addition there are OVO, GOPAY, DANA and LinkAja. And what’s even better is that you can do transactions via PULSA like Telkomsel and XL. Pretty interesting isn’t it?

In addition to providing complete transaction facilities, this site also provides various types of very interesting games besides poker games . And only using one account you can already play all kinds of games available on this site. And this saves you a lot of time if you are tired of playing poker games.

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List of Online Card Gambling Games at STARBET99
Online Poker

IDN PLAY POKER is a type of game that has become a trend from the Casino Slot Online Indonesia until now, even the fans are also very large and also from various circles. The game is very simple, if you enter a room you only need one more player to enter the room you are visiting, the game can already be started. Pretty simple isn’t it? (the maximum limit for this game in one room or table is seven players)

And in this idn poker game , initially you will be given two cards and your opponent will also get two cards, after the players get their respective cards and don’t forget to place a bet then the dealer will start issuing three initial cards and if there are any who wants to increase the bet, the dealer does not immediately issue a fourth card until the players finish raising the bet as well as the fifth card. The function of the five cards is for us to arrange them with the cards we have in order to get the best cards from all the players at the table in order to get a very big win.

This game is different from poker games, the cards are different. This game uses dominoes or better known as QQ or gaple.

At the beginning of this game, the dealer will usually distribute three cards first, if all players have received their respective cards from the dealer, then the players usually have started to raise the bet if they feel they hold a good card. When finished, the dealer will distribute one more card to all players in order to get the best card. The best card in this game is usually called qiu – qiu which means the highest point is nine domino qiu qiu list.


Capsa Susun
This game is almost similar to a poker game, why is it called similar? Because it uses the same type of card and basically you have to arrange cards to get the highest card. What’s different is that you have to immediately arrange and be given thirteen cards immediately and don’t forget that you are given time to be very careful. Because if you only arrange one card incorrectly, it can be fatal and you will experience losses that are definitely not small.

The game which basically has similarities to DominoQQ even uses the same card and the highest point in this game is also at number nine. The only difference is the number of cards. In this game, only two cards are used and in the QQ game, four cards are used. And the fun of this ceme city game , you can have the opportunity to sit on a city seat, so it makes you feel like playing live.

Mobile Ceme
Some players are very happy if they can serve as a dealer at a table that is running. This game can be said to be similar to Bandar Ceme, what distinguishes it is that players who join the Ceme Keliling game will get a share to serve as a dealer at every new game that will start. And the system will go around every game. That’s why this game is called CEME KELILING.

Omaha Poker
There are some players who have just joined STARBET99 Indonesia are still wondering what games are these? This game can be said to be very similar to POKER, but the difference is that the players will be divided into four cards so that we match the cards on the table, only the cards in the middle. This game is highly recommended for STARBET99 who are just about to join.


Games that are still common for Indonesian STARBET99 . But if you see this game firsthand you will definitely be able to guess right away because this game is very similar to SAMGONG. The difference is in the highest point. In this game, you only need ten points to get the highest score which is usually called J, Q, K. And in Samgong games you need up to thirty points.

This game can be said to be new and still foreign to our ears because these games are very challenging and we as players will really be able to get a feel when playing directly. Each player who joins will be immediately dealt five cards at once which must be arranged in various strategies and if the 5 cards that we hold have three cards such as J, Q, & K then it is called a BULL count.

BlackJack Online
This latest card game has just been released by IDN PLAY in order to complete the card games that have been provided by them. Because if Blackjack is not included in their product, they will feel something is missing because this game has become a trend in online gambling circles around the world.



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